The MOEfit Body Comp Program

Semi-personal training with twice the lifting and half the cardio!

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Is Body Comp a better fit for you than regular group classes?

Group MOEfit classes are a perfect fit for most. However, if you want to put in some extra work with a program that utilizes more resistance training and fewer cardio based workouts, with the goal being increased muscle mass and reduced body fat, Body Comp may be your jam.

Step One - Throw your scale in the trash.

One of the first things we do with brand new Body Comp athletes, is try to convince them to never weigh themselves again. You may actually gain weight with this program. We will be using our InBody body composition scanner monthly to get updates NOT on what you weight, but rather what your skeletal muscle weighs and what your body fat weighs. Those are the metrics we are going to track, not overall weight. Stop stepping on the scale.

Can you commit to 4 days a week?

This part is important. Your trainer is going to be putting time and effort into helping you look and feel the way you have always wanted to. takes work and it's a 2 way street. For this program to be successful you need to 100% commit to 4 days a week of the workouts and coaching we will be providing. If after a couple of months you have not been able to keep the 4 day a week schedule, we will probably recommend one of our other programs that require less discipline.

Nutrition - the other half

On day 1 we will get a look at your current body composition with our InBody scanner. Then, once we're armed with your current skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass and base metabolic rate, we will create a few nutritional guidelines for you to adhere to while you are in the Body Comp program. You will then have access to our MOEfit Nutrition Tracking App to track your daily consumption of protein and calories. Additionally, your coach will also have full visibility to this data to help keep you on track and offer guidance! It's important to note that this will be an outline, and not "meal plan." You will have a daily protein goal and a daily caloric limit. This outline is designed to either be your stand alone nutritional regiment or very easily coexist with guidance you may have from a licensed nutritionist or doctor.

Accountability - the secret sauce

Don't think we're just gonna hand you a bunch of workouts filled with terms you never heard of and wish you luck. Right out of the gate you will go through our Foundations program, 4 hours of 1 on 1 personal training to learn all the basics of weight lifting and strength training. As you progress week after week your assigned coach will proactively check in with you at least twice a week to encourage you, help with questions or just see how you're doing. We will be right there with you the whole time.

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