Our Pricing Plans

  Three Times a Week: Come to Any Three Classes a Week on Any Hour

  Unlimited: Come to Any and All Classes During the Week


Class Pricing

Three Times a Week $90

Three Days a Week

Unlimited $120


Group Functional Fitness

MOEfit has Group Functional Fitness Classes M-F, every hour from 6am to 6pm. This class schedule allows for smaller class sizes and more individual attention. Our members simply reserve the class they plan on attending ahead of time using our app, and then show up for class! All classes are at most an hour and include elements of gymnastics, aerobics and olympic weight lifting. No two days are ever the same.


Classes open 72 hours before they start and close 2 hours before they start. Remember to sign up for classes before the 2 hour deadline!

In order to join a class, you'll need to subscribe and pay for the class package first, and then log in through the Wodify app. We'll make an account for you and send you the details. You'll then be able to sign up or drop a class at a moments notice. No contracts, no restrictions. We won't let anything hold you back from the new you!

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