Big Weekend For MOEfit!!

Crossfit competitions have been around for a long time and they are AWESOME!  Athletes of every skill level meet at a Crossfit Box or an open field somewhere and pit their strength, endurance and skill against each other in a spectacle rivaled only by ancient Romans.  Elite athletes, intermediates, novices and masters (old people) alike all compete, share stories, suffer a bit together then  meet as equals for libation afterwards.

This weekend a nationwide network of Crossfit Competitions known as The Festivus Games will have their spring fling.  Last fall the Festivus Games were a team event,  this time it is individual.   The whole concept of The Festivus Games is that there are no “fire breathers” allowed.  This melee  is only for novice and intermediate level competitors.  Athletes this time will compete in 3 different “WOD’s”,  or “Workout(s) Of The Day.”   Included with be Thrusters, Dumbbell Snatches, Lunges, Burpees (many, many burpees), Russian Twists, Shoulder Presses and a few others.  Trust me,  not a single muscle group will be left behind in the assault.  You should definitely come out and watch if you aren’t competing.  At the very least, you’ll get an idea of what Crossfit and Functional Training is all about.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses and textMOEfit has two of our star athletes in the Festivus Games this time around,  and we are just proud as a peacock for them.  A giant,  roided out peacock with tats.  Skull tats.

Michael Hogue and Heather Brown are both nurses at the Parish Medical Center in Titusville Florida and also two of our original athletes here at MOEfit.   They are both stellar examples of human beings, but more importantly, they are just friggin’ cool.  Why does this matter?  You have to be a cool dude or a cool chick to excel in these kind of things.  If you take yourself too seriously then you lack the peripheral vision to see big picture and improvise.  In the world of Functional Training you train not only to get stronger, but to handle real life.  As such,  just as you scale and improvise workouts to most efficiently train your mind and body,  you learn how to scale and improvise to overcome things that happen in life….outside the gym.

The Festivus Games start at 9am tomorrow,  Saturday 4/21/18 at Harbor City Community Fitness in Melbourne Florida, located at 5145 Commercial Drive.  Come on out and meet Michael and Heather,  hang out with our coaches and learn about Functional Training.


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  • Dawn

    I will be there cheering them on!

  • Lis Boucher

    Excellent testimony for Moefit and its athletes..I know they will shine..BadAss nurses always do! I know, because I tend to be of that profession. Good Luck Heather and Mike!

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