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Marc Boucher founder of MOEfit
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Marc Boucher

Hey MOEfitters!! My name is Marc! I am the head coach and I own MOEfit along with my wife Joy and hold a USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coaching certification, a Personal Trainer certification with the American Council on Exercise, and I am an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I grew up in a fitness family, hiking and cross country skiing in rugged and snowy New England. I ran my first half marathon when I was 13 years old and have always enjoyed pushing my own limits with life and with fitness. I did have a dark and lazy part of my life where I was a corporate raider for a large corporation and allowed a very unhealthy lifestyle to prevail. As a result I became overweight and had dangerously high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and 100 extra pounds. MOEfit arose from the ashes of that former life.

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Hello there! I’m Amanda. Unfortunately, I did not grow up appreciating fitness but learned later in life how much exercising contributes to joy! With my wonderful husband, we decided to raise our three children with the knowledge and appreciation of what their bodies can do. Over the last five or so years I have tried different gyms and settled at Moefit about 3.5 years ago. Between the other amazing coaches, the supportive community and the privilege of getting to do different workouts every day I can now do more physically than I could 15 years ago. This has instilled such a passion in me for fitness that I received my certified personal training accreditation from NASM as well as having a medical background with my CCMA. I look forward to encouraging people from all walks of life, regardless of what perceived limits exist, to try new things and find out what they never knew they were capable of!


Hey Athletes! My name is Isaac, I am a USA Certified Weightlifting Coach here at MOEfit. I found my passion for fitness and powerlifting when I was 14 after a family friend gave my brothers and I a very, VERY rusty set of plates, dumbells and barbells. I would spend hours every day after school in my Dad’s garage lifting and watching BeachBody workouts on pirated VHS tapes. All I wanted to do was workout. By the time I was in highschool (Go War Eagles!), I was obsessed with body building and sports and I had dreams of competing at the Arnold Classic and owning my own gym. So naturally, after high school I joined the Army instead! I made a lot of life long friends and had some once in a lifetime experiences during my service but when I got out, I sadly found myself in same place as a lot of other veterans after transitioning. I was an extremely depressed alcoholic and had a laundry list of injuries. I had completely given up on my fitness dreams, stopped working out completely, and gained nearly 100lbs in just 2.5 years after getting out. But I am living proof that your fitness journey is not one of weeks or months, but decades. After many weeks of constant pressure from my sister, Coach Rikki, to join her for a workout at MOEfit, I finally caved just to get her off my back. But that one workout changed the direction of my life. It reignited my passion for fitness and I haven’t missed a day of training at MOEfit since! I look forward to meeting you and am so excited for the opportunity to help you reach your fitness goals here at MOE!
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Hey guys! My name is Rikki. I’m a certified USA Weightlifting coach, athlete, career woman, busy mom of 5 kidos, and a wife during my day to day. My husband and I have been athletes at Moefit for about 2.5 years and every minute of that time has been such a rewarding and progressive journey. I found fitness at a young age through marshall arts, and have dabbled in many different sports throughout my life although I’ve always had a particular interest in weight training. I was never the best dancer, or gymnast, or the most coordinated person in the room, but if there was one thing in particular I was good at it was being strong. Even though I have always been an active person, I was a young mother and fitness fell to the back burner for me very quickly into adulthood. Fast forward 10 years of being a mom – I found myself in place that, for the sake of my mental and physical health, required me to get off my butt and do something! The last 2.5 years I have been able to reignite my passion for fitness, hone in my weightlifting skills, as well as better my mental health exponentially. Not to mention the beautiful effect fitness has had on the relationship with my spouse since we get to exercise at the same place 5 days a week. I look forward to working with you, to inspire you to reach and harness your full physical potential through functional fitness and weight training here at Moefit !


Hi everyone! My name is Cori, and I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, tennis coach, and physics professor (in my spare time). I’ve been involved in athletics as long as I can remember. My main sport growing up was tennis, which I played competitively as a kid and then onto the collegiate level. After I graduated, I still had that drive to compete, but wanted to switch gears a bit, so I signed up for my first triathlon. That catapulted into a long line of endurance events, including more recently, the completion of a full Ironman. Somewhere around 2018, I found MOEfit, and it quickly became one of my favorite places in the world. As an admitted cardio enthusiast, I had never been able to commit to a strength training program before MOEfit, but I fell in love with the people, the programming, and the community, and have been here ever since.

I strongly believe that people are so much more capable than they often realize. No matter where you are currently in your fitness journey, my aim as a coach is to help you to believe in yourself and become confident enough to achieve whatever goals you wish to achieve. I look forward to working with you!

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